Canned Peaches After the Apocalypse

Sitting here eating peaches from a can, I'm set to wondering about the prevalence of canned peaches in post-apocalyptic fiction. To cite a few examples, I recently encountered this trope in Season 2 of the video-game The Walking Dead (2014), in which the player-character Clementine is handed a can of peaches: In Cormac McCarthy's The… Continue reading Canned Peaches After the Apocalypse


The 2016 Invasion Scare

For the last few years a number of commentators have been speculating on whether we've hit "peak-zombie": a moment when the number of zombie movies being released has reached its apex, and can only decline (see Forbes, Spinoff, i09, and, if you don't mind boosting the hit count of the vulgar rag, the Daily Mail). While… Continue reading The 2016 Invasion Scare


Cars, Motorcycles, Racetracks

Looking over the stats for the posts I've made on here, I notice that, besides the Video Games, New Media, and the City post (which I think gets most traffic for the Fallout 3 map), the post on Motorcycle Culture and Post-Apocalyptic Film has been the most popular. This seems like a good excuse for… Continue reading Cars, Motorcycles, Racetracks


The Ink Spots in Dystopian Futures

Something which comes up frequently in dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction is the use of music by the Ink Spots to evoke feelings of melancholy, and particularly to signal lost innocence and hope. Here are some examples of what I mean. The trend seems to begin with the film Blade Runner (1982). In the original theatrical… Continue reading The Ink Spots in Dystopian Futures


Early screenshots from the Omeka exhibit

The following are screenshots of the Omeka exhibit of the post-apocalyptic cities database, which is currently under construction. The exhibit will be the most user-friendly component of the project, for people interested in searching for or browsing through works of apocalyptic fiction. The exhibit will operate in conjunction with a timeline for visualizing apocalyptic fiction… Continue reading Early screenshots from the Omeka exhibit


Real life ghost towns

One of the interesting qualities of post-apocalyptic cities in video games is, to me, the focus on exploration of recognizable, ruined environments. Games such as Fallout 3 & New Vegas,  and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, in particular, encourage exploration through quests that incorporate visiting recognizable landmarks such as the ruined Capitol Building and Chernobyl's Reactor No 4… Continue reading Real life ghost towns


Early Science Fiction and the Destruction of the City

Early progenitors of science fiction, from Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe to Jules Verne and H. G. Wells, found that to work in an emerging and as yet undefined genre, conventions had to be broken down and reassembled. As the genre began to find its feet, it became a Frankenstein’s monster of various forms… Continue reading Early Science Fiction and the Destruction of the City